The following terms constitute a Memorandum of Agreement, subject to ratification by the Union County College Chapter of the AAUP and the Union County College Board of Trustees:


·         Seven (7) hours of academic advising per each semester, four (4) of which shall be scheduled by the College with reasonable advanced notice:

·         scheduled on the faculty member’s class days and must end within an hour or less of class start time or begin within an hour or less of class end time and will be scheduled on the same campus where the faculty member teaches on the day in question;

·           If three (3) hours or more in length, can be scheduled on any weekday.

·           The academic advising hours will not be scheduled on evenings or weekends without the faculty member’s consent.

·         Three (3) hours of academic advising will be scheduled by the faculty member on campus, subject to verification. The faculty member will advise the content, as determined by the College.  The College will inform the faculty member of the content prior to the commencement of each semester. 

·         Provide faculty members with two (2) personal days per academic year.

·         Eliminate banking in its entirety effective July 1, 2017. All faculty members with banked hours shall be able to use those hours.

·           Reduce the fee paid for migration of courses to the Learning Management System (LMS) from $2000 to $1000 when pre-approved and directed by Administration. When faculty members are assigned to teach a course in a new LMS they will be notified in a timely manner as to whether they, or someone else, will be assigned to effect the migration.

·      Modify class sizes as follows: (SEE ATTACHED SHEET)

·         Increase the hours in the Academic Learning Center for those Faculty members assigned from thirty (30) hours per week to thirty-five (35) hours per week and that the Faculty member(s) assignment to the Academic Learning Center will conclude at the end of each semester (after finals).

·         Employees shall continue contributing to his/her healthcare coverage in accordance with the rates set forth in Ch. 78, P.L. 2011.

·      All Salaries will increase as follows:

·      2015-2016 — $1900 (retroactive to September 1, 2015)

·      2016-2017 — 2% (retroactive to September 1, 2016)

·      2017-2018 — $1900 (retroactive September 1, 2017)

·         Salary minimums increase by the above-noted amounts.

·         Effective September 1, 2018, any promotion shall be subject to a six percent (6%) increase to the faculty member’s current salary or the new minimum salary, whichever is greater.  Prior to that date, the Mastriani Award will be applied.

·         All items previously agreed to will be incorporated into the collective negotiations agreement, which are as follows:

1.      Article X C — Revise last sentence to read:  “In the event such excess is the result of covering an existing class(es) due to emergent event, credits resulting from such error shall be excluded from counting towards the fourteen (14) credit limit.”

2.      Article XI.B.1 — Revise to read:  “All appointments shall be effective September 1 or the beginning of the second semester.  Appointments made by November 1st or March 15th shall be treated as if they were made at the beginning of that the semester for purposes of reappointment and promotion only.”

3.      Article XI B 5 — Delete.

4.      Article XII A 1 — Correct dates in accordance with parties’ prior Memorandum of Agreement.

5. Article XII.D — Revise to read:  “The Administration shall provide advanced written notice of the evaluative criteria applicable to all reappointment and promotion decisions. The relevant criteria shall be referenced in all reappointment and promotion evaluations and determinations, both positive and negative. Written notice of any intended changes to the evaluative criteria shall be provided to all members of the bargaining unit and to the Chapter no less than thirty (30) days before the planned effective date for any such changes. New criteria shall not be applied retroactively to evaluate faculty members for periods of employment before such new criteria become effective.”

6.      Article XXV.A — Add New Section A.5 to read: When a faculty member returns from a leave of absence during the semester, and the Academic Vice President determines the faculty member should not return to their teaching schedule, any alternate assignment shall end on the last day of that semester’s final exams.

7.      Article XXIX F 1 — Delete the word Boardand replace with the phrase “President or VPAA.”

8.      Article XXXIII K — Delete the word “Board” and replace with the word “College.”

9.      Article XXXIX — Change the dates to reflect the term of the agreement from September 1, 2015 through August 31, 2018.

10.  Remove references to Specialized Facilities in I.N, I.P, XXIX.A.7(a) and (b), XXIX.C

11.  Remove Side Letter of Agreement related to Professor Cuttita from the Agreement, though the Side Letter and the terms contained therein shall remain effective.

·         All items not contained herein or previously agreed to by the parties shall be deemed withdrawn.

·         The parties will withdraw their unfair practices filed with PERC concerning the present negotiations. 

·         The Fact Finder will retain jurisdiction pending ratification.

·         Class size changes and personal days will both be effective 9/1/17.


a. The nominal class teaching load limits for faculty members shall apply to all courses taught during the academic year and summer sessions and shall be:

(1)   twenty-two (22) twenty-four (24) in developmental classes, modern language conversation classes and interpreter for the deaf classes with practice laboratories and developmental laboratories.

(2)   twenty-six (26) twenty-eight (28) in English composition and speech classes, modern language classes, and fine arts studio classes.

(3)   thirty-two (32) thirty-four (34) in all other classes except large lecture classes.

(4)   Seventy-five (75) in large lecture classes.  Such large lecture classes shall receive double credit toward a faculty member’s teaching load.

(5)   The load limit for large lecture classes with science laboratories shall be forty-eight (48).

(6)   twenty-four (24) twenty-six (26) in laboratories; twenty (20) twenty-two (22) in chemistry laboratories, except in Chemistry, (CHE211 and CHE 212) where the limit shall be twenty (20).

(7)   twenty-one (21) twenty-six (26) in online courses with a limit dependent on any required on-campus laboratory which is part of the course.

(8)   thirty-two (32) thirty-four (34) in telecourses except for those telecourses which require an on-campus laboratory, the size of the seating in the laboratory to be the determinant. Blended courses shall have the same limits as their counterpart in item 7 unless they are further limited by any required on-campus laboratory which is part of the course.

(9)   twenty-five (25) twenty-seven (27)in UCC 101 courses

(10)       twenty-four (24) twenty-six (26) in EDU courses

(11)       twenty (20) in any class previously entitled to a TAC hour.