The Board of Trustees of Union County College
The Union County College Chapter of the American Association of University Professors

September 1, 2006 - 
August 31, 2009

Article I


Article II


Article III

Chapter Membership

Article IV

Dues and Representation Fees

Article V

Guarantee of Rights

Article VI

Board Rights

Article VII

Chapter Rights

Article VIII

Academic Ranks

Article IX

Work of the Faculty

Article X

Appointment of Part-Time Members of the Instructional Staff and Professional Library Staff

Article XI

Faculty Appointments

Article XII

Faculty Reappointments and Promotions

Article XIII

Professional Development

Article XIV

Faculty Record File

Article XV Tenure
Article XVI Faculty Discipline
Article XVII Academic Freedom
Article XVIII Faculty Members Appointed to Administrative Positions
Article XIX Powers and Organization of the Faculty
Article XX Departments
Article XXI Compensation
Article XXII Health and Welfare Benefits
Article XXIII Outside Employment
Article XXIV Leaves of Absence Because of Court Appearance
Article XXV Leaves of Absence Because of Illness or Injury
Article XXVI Paid Leaves of Absence
Article XXVII Leaves of Absence without Pay
Article XXVIII Summer Sessions
Article XXIX Faculty Workload
Article XXX Reduction in Force and Seniority
Article XXXI Retirement
Article XXXII College Calendar
Article XXXIII General Working Conditions
Article XXXIV Grievance and Artbitration
Article XXXV Work or Business Interruption
Article XXXVI Exchange of Information
Article XXXVII Seperability
Article XXXVIII Interest Succession
Article XXXIX Duration of Agreement
Appendix A
Side Letter of Agreement
Memorandum of Understanding (Article XXI.H)