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AAUP Listserve

AAUP maintains a listserve for discussion of issues related to the profession. This is an open, unmoderated list. Although we encourage AAUP membership, it is not required to subscription to the listserve. To subscribe through the automated service, follow these instructions:

1. Address email to
2. Do not put anything for a subject.
3. In the message body put only the following:
    subscribe aaup-general
4. Send e-mail!

You should receive confirmation and instruction e-mail shortly thereafter.

Info Links

Selected AAUP Statements & Reports (Redbook Statements)
Higher Education Information and Data Resources and Web-Sites

Faculty Salary Report Info 
Annual Report on the Economic Status of the Profession, 2003-2004
CBC (Collective Bargaining Congress)
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Archive of AAUP Statements & Reports

New Jersey Resources

New Jersey Commission on Higher Education
NJ State Legislature Home Page

Labor Resources

Professional Staff Congress- City University of New York
American Federation of Teachers

IGC LaborNet
Labor Research Association
Labor Rights Fund
National Education Association
Workplace - the Journal for Academic Labor